Cute the World

An unnamed but inspired designer brings us the vision of cuddly Cthulhu.

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cute zombie vampire pirate

cute zombie vampire pirate

As we know from the book Accelerando, swarm robots will rule the world in a few decades. At this time, they will be too tiny to wear cute faces, but this generation we can still cutify!


Formica robots without cute


Cute formica robots

Here are more pictures.

Thank you, Jeff, for applying my designs. 🙂

If you don’t know Formica yet, be sure to check out the video from 25C3. It explains how they work and shows them running around in their box.

I hope we soon get a video of the cutified robots. 🙂

You did not get a Nabaztag for christmas? I’m feeling with you. Grab paper and scissors and make your own Nabaztag!

Designing the paper nabaztag

Download the PDF here: nabaztag_papertoy.pdf

Cut all the black lines.

The sides make hooks that hold the rabbit in shape without glue. Try to make the hooks point to the inside. That is really tricky, but works and looks nice. If you are not that patient, just use adhesive tape. 😉

inside hooks

If you want to make me happy, please leave a comment, upload a picture of your paper nabaztag to flickr or get something from the cuteshop. Thank you!

Make it glow!

It does not have fancy LEDs? Put it on the christmas tree to make it glow!


Princess does not have to be saved from a dragon just today. But I think she likes the prince anyway.


He does not disturb any developers. And if he would, they would keep him anyway, because he is cute.

Just sprinkle a bit of cute on the world, and everything is happy. Cute and happy.

No shirts this time 😦 because spreadshirt only allows 3 image uploads. When 10 items with my pics are sold, I will be able to upload more to the shop.

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  • Lyneesha Houkamau: This is the most cutest zombie in the world!!!!
  • Erik Frank: Hallo Magdalena, im Baustel-Wiki habe ich Deinen Namen gefunden und bin dann auf Deinen Blog gestoßen. Du machst wirklich coole Sachen. Leider kö
  • Pat F: I love these. They are perfect.