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Swarm robots cutified

Posted on: February 12, 2009

As we know from the book Accelerando, swarm robots will rule the world in a few decades. At this time, they will be too tiny to wear cute faces, but this generation we can still cutify!


Formica robots without cute


Cute formica robots

Here are more pictures.

Thank you, Jeff, for applying my designs. 🙂

If you don’t know Formica yet, be sure to check out the video from 25C3. It explains how they work and shows them running around in their box.

I hope we soon get a video of the cutified robots. 🙂

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I love these. They are perfect.

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  • Lyneesha Houkamau: This is the most cutest zombie in the world!!!!
  • Erik Frank: Hallo Magdalena, im Baustel-Wiki habe ich Deinen Namen gefunden und bin dann auf Deinen Blog gestoßen. Du machst wirklich coole Sachen. Leider kö
  • Pat F: I love these. They are perfect.


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