Cute the World

I vote for the cute something.

Support the cute’s run for presidency by wearing the turtle neck or the pink hoodie.

The Magic Bunny spreads cute and stars!

He is lovely on the red retro bag, the pink jacket and the blue t-shirt.

mama loves baby

Mama and baby love each other.
Here is for mama the T-Shirt and for baby the Baby Shirt.

This is a collection of more or less defined scribbles with cute faces on them. Just my creative outlet and for fun. If you love them, get a shirt for yourself or for someone you like.

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  • Lyneesha Houkamau: This is the most cutest zombie in the world!!!!
  • Erik Frank: Hallo Magdalena, im Baustel-Wiki habe ich Deinen Namen gefunden und bin dann auf Deinen Blog gestoßen. Du machst wirklich coole Sachen. Leider kö
  • Pat F: I love these. They are perfect.